December 2012

Well, yesterday was the end to the “Help My Parents Retire” Contest. Although the house didn’t sell, we still celebrated and remain proud of what we did achieve. I treated my parents to an evening out about Toronto last night and got to see their love still strong after all these years. 


There are new ideas in the works for getting the word out about the house, so this isn’t the end to our shenanigans! You haven’t seen the last of us yet!!


A HUGE thank you to all of you who have supported the contest by passing the links on to your networks, please keep us in mind if you ever hear of friends or family looking for a change of pace. 


I wish you all a happy holiday filled with love and the spirit of giving. 


"Its not how much we give but how much love we put into giving" - Mother Theresa

The Kendricks (Left to Right: Ainsley, Mary, Clifford, Whitney (and baby bump!), Bill

October 2012

The final video is up! Now you can watch all 3! Get the complete tour of Briarcliffe Inn! 

I urge you to pass this along to anyone you know looking for a change in life, a new place to grow, a house to support a large family…

October 2012

Hello Tumblr World!

Yes,  I know…I bet you are thinking “Where the hell did she go? Isn’t her goal to sell her parents house by December 22nd?” Well, I say to you…I got lost in the summer sun and am now back rested and ready to help my parents sell their house!

The contest is still going but the momentum has died down a lot. I am finishing up the final house tour video and will be getting my parents to take some footage of the surrounding areas, towns and cities close to where the house is situated. A Co-worker told me that people won’t just be interested in the house itself but the community it is in. Guess we have to try and sell the community too!

My parents had a really busy summer running both the Inn and their Experiential Tourism business. I recently came to the realization a couple of days ago (thanks to the help of my wife) that my go, go, go personality has everything to do with them. I actually have never been taught to be in one place, doing one thing for an extended period of time. I moved from my career as a freelance Stage Manager, working in theatre and dance to a job with a Non-Profit where I have my own desk and a work schedule. I am still not fully acclimatized to the office lifestyle and I often get antsy if I don’t have enough work to keep my mind engaged. I feel compelled to fill every moment of my time with something, however I never fully stick to that something for very long.


Here is a list of a few things I do/did:


I took up guitar, thinking “I could be the next Sheryl Crow!”

I joined an art class and made a few really nice pieces, bought an easel and paints for home but have only used them once.  

I have about 15 books on my bedside table waiting to be read. I am currently trying to read 3 of them at the same time.  

I bought some Vegan cookbooks, hoping that the amazing recipes would entice me to at least start eating more vegetables.

I trained for 3 months and ran a 10k. I loved it but got a slight knee injury so am now working on strengthening it again so I can hopefully start up again. 

I became a Level 2 Reiki practitioner but don’t seem to find the time to practise on myself or others.

I volunteer as a youth mentor. This I still do and absolutely love. 

Most importantly, I decided to help my parents sell their house. This is the one thing I absolutely cannot drop but the one thing that is the most discouraging and difficult to continue. We managed to get a lot of people to look at my parents listing but still there have been no major inquiries. What are we doing wrong? What are we doing right? How do we get it out there? 

I know my parents will never slow down. I know once the house gets passed on to new owners they will dive right into another great project. That is who they are, that is who I am. They too are antsy to move on but can’t do so without the financial stability the selling of the house will provide. 

I know there is someone, maybe a family out there that has a dream like theirs. To try something new, to move somewhere completely different and just give it a shot. I know with the economy people are taking less risks but you could look at it this way; the instability could be the world telling us to go in another direction. The current path isn’t working so try something different. What do you think? 

Here is an oil painting I did in my art class last fall. I still have yet to pick it up from the studio. Should do that…

July 2012

Here is the 2nd of 3 videos tours of Briarcliffe Inn! Although I never grew up in this house my parents have a way of making this large space feel like home. I guess its why so many people come to stay and never want to leave! No, its not the Hotel California!

Enjoy Friends!

July 2012

Here is Part 3 of the HGTV Documentary “Bed and Breakfast Dream”

Will Mary and Bill run into any more trouble? Watch to find out!!

July 2012

The first of 3 videos taking you on a walk through BriarCliffe Inn. This was a family project, my mom and dad filmed it and I did the editing! We thought this would be a great way of really seeing a finer details of the property.

The contest is still going strong and will be until we find a buyer!

Please share these videos around with your networks and maybe the winner will be you!

June 2012

So, right now I am in the midst of a pretty crazy time in my life but I just wanted to let you all know there is more to come with this blog and contest! 


I am working on posting an interview I did with my parents when they came for a quick visit back in April. In the interviews my parents talk more about why they decided to move to the island and their thoughts and views on life then and now. 


My parents are also working on a great little video tour of the house which they are taking just as long to finish as I am with their interviews!! Get on it pops!


I am happy to announce my parents have had over 900 visits to their website and Property Guys listing. I have learned more about the power of Twitter (it is actually pretty amazing!) so I have been able to reach more unique people in the world. 


I just want to send a HUGE thank you out to Eliane Ijzerman, our families exchange student from Holland, for being so active with sharing the blog, tweets and FB posts. It would be incredible if someone from Holland bought the place, then she could come visit!!


Please keep the sharing the blog and FB page. Its easy to let something like this slip from your mind the more you share, the better your chances are of winning!

June 2012
We just loved your home and being here enjoying it with you has been a delightful experience. You two really belong together. God has truly blessed you both with tremendous talents. Thanks for a great visit.

Alden & Delores - Co Springs, Colorado USA

Comment on BriarCliffe Inn Website

June 2012

Here is Part Deux of the documentary “Bed and Breakfast Dream” that aired on HGTV. Find out what other shenanigans my parents got up to while renovating the Inn. Check me out as a pimple faced second year university student!

June 2012

It felt like “Help My Parents Retire” Day yesterday! I am so extremely encouraged by all the media attention around the contest. I really hope this means more people will start posting the blog and FB page to their networks to get the word out! 


Yesterday my parents and I did a live interview with CBC’s “Island Morning,” (See below) then I ran downtown to CBC Toronto to do an interview for CBC’s “Compass” (http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/ID=2243422955),” in the afternoon I got contacted by the Toronto Star (http://www.thestar.com/business/article/1207883—facebook-plea-help-my-parents-retire-and-win-a-trip-to-pei-puts-b-b-on-cyberspace-block), then this morning I got a call from the Journal Pioneer in Summerside! (Article-  http://www.journalpioneer.com/News/Local/2012-06-08/article-3003770/Social-media-helping-Inn-get-noticed/1)


Right after the radio interview we got an addition to the prize package of 2 Tickets to tour the Wyatt Heritage Properties in Summerside (http://www.wyattheritage.com/mainsite3/).


I worked for Wyatt Heritage Properties the summer before my final year of high school. I was hired to write, cast and perform short vignettes that could be seen throughout the house. Although the vignettes didn’t catch on the way I had hoped it was the first time anyone ever asked me to write something of that sort. I am by no means an established writer, but I do love the idea of immersing tourists in the lives of those from the past. It was a fun summer for me and I am glad to hear the property is still holding strong. 


Since the launch of the contest we have had two other companies donate to the prize package. The College of Piping in Summerside donated 2 Tickets to their show “Highland Storm” (www.collegeofpiping.com) and Duncan’s Island Tours donated a free tour for two (www.duncansislandtours.ca).


I am so grateful for these donations and their encouragement of this contest. Whoever does win this prize is up for an amazing week. 


Keep sharing the blog and maybe it could be you!



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